If you are wondering where to eat in Girona, in this post we recommend you where to go

Where to eat in Girona

Girona is a province full of attractions. Its charming villages, its nature, its white sandy coasts and crystal clear waters make it one of the most attractive in Catalonia. But these are not its only attractions; it is not surprising that its tourism is abundant, as its gastronomy also has its weight. Where to eat in Girona is an easy question to answer, as among its hundreds of offers, for several years there was the famous restaurant El Bulli from which Ferran Adrià revolutionised world cuisine. This feat made Girona a culinary reference region. After the next section, we recommend some restaurants where you can enjoy Catalan cuisine.

What to eat in Girona

In this section we will talk about the type of food we can try in Girona and the typical dishes of the area that, for the most part, use fish, which is logical considering that Girona has a large piece of Mediterranean coast.
Sea and mountains: its name comes from the mixture of sea and mountain flavours, a dish where chicken is mixed with lobsters or crayfish. It seems impossible but the taste is delicious and it is a dish from long ago.
Patatas de Olot: this dish that comes from Olot, consists of a potato stuffed with roast meat. They are delicious and you will love them.
Suquet of monkfish and red shrimp: This pot dish combines, as its name suggests, a delicious fish such as monkfish and shrimp, preferably red. The taste of the sea on the plate.
Sweet sausage: out of what we are used to, this dish, as it has sugar, lemon and cinnamon, tastes sweet, something different from what we are used to when we are told about sausage.
Suso: and to finish a great meal, we have a dessert from Girona. This cake, similar to a croissant, is filled with cream and has sugar on the outside.

Restaurants to eat in Girona

We would like to recommend some restaurants that we are sure will not disappoint you:
Badó restaurant, Carles Antoner, Equilibri, Trull d'en Francesc, Cantre Cívic Cistella.
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