Game of Thrones in Girona - Catalonia

Game of Thrones Girona

Since HBO decided to choose Girona as one of the Spanish provinces to record Game of Thrones , the fever for the series has led to an increase in visits to the chosen locations. Do you want to know which places we are talking about? 

  • Girona's Cathedral: it will be easy to recognize which scenes were recorded in this place. Its facade, although somewhat changed, is easily recognizable in the scenes where Queen Margaery was preparing to make the path of shame that Cersei Lannister had already made in her time. One of the few times when Dubrovnik was replaced to recreate King's Landing
  • Old Town: The city also serves as a set to recreate Braavos. It is in the latter that Arya in the series learns to be "nobody" along with the man with a thousand faces, in fact, he can be seen walking through the streets, attending a theatre performance, walking through a market and many other scenes in which he runs away, all shot in Girona's old town and easily recognisable through images.
  • Monastery of San Pere de Galligats: we can see the interior of this cathedral when Sam arrives in Antigua to become a master. 

Game of Thrones Spain

But man does not live by bread alone and, in addition to Girona, there were many other Spanish locations where the famous series was shot. Let's go through them:

  • Navarre: The Royal Cardenas is an amazing place that seems to be taken from a book. The truth is that it is not surprising that it was the place chosen to record Daenerys with his Dothrakis. 
  • Barcelona: it was the Castle of Santa Florentina that was chosen as the residence of the Tarly. The truth is that they hardly had to make any big modifications since the castle itself is a marvel.
  • Almería: is another of the provinces where it was recorded in several different places. These are the Alcazaba, with quite a few modifications it served to recreate Dorne, Torre de Mesa, a set for a scene of Daenerys and El Chorrillo, a natural spot that served as a Dothraki village, where Daenerys was held captive. 
  • Guadalajara: Zafra Castle was the protagonist of Guadalajara. In it, Bran discovers one of the most relevant facts of the series.
  • Seville: There are three specific places that were chosen for Game of Thrones : the Alcazar of Seville was the home of the Martells, Sanctiponce and the ruins of Italica were the Pozo Dragón, where Daenerys and Cersei met for the first time and the Osuna bullring was chosen to record one of the most powerful scenes of Daenerys. 
  • Cáceres: In this Extremaduran province it was shot, as in Seville, in three different locations. The natural monument of Las Barruecas was used as a stage for a battle, the imperious castle of Trujillo was chosen to recreate the capture of Altojardín and Cáceres city served as a set for some scenes of Euron Greyjoy.
  • Cordoba: To recreate Altojardín, the film was shot outside Almodóvar del Río, and the bridge of Volantis was inspired by the bridge of Cordoba.
  • Biscay: it was in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe where it was shot to recreate Rocadragón. We must admit that the original enclave is much more beautiful and spectacular.
  • Guipúzcoa: Also in the Basque Country, the Itzurun beach in Zumaia served as a place for Jon Snow to disembark to meet Daenerys. 
  • Castellón: It appears rarely, but it served as a stage for scenes from Meereen.